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In 2019 TheSustainableSockClub was created with a wayward spirit and a giant dream - to offer stylish socks for professionals around the world while paving a path for socially conscious shopping.


All business ideas start with a problem. The Sustainable Sock Club was simple: to engineers socks that are eco-friendly after their lifetime is over. While studying at York University, Robert Hanlon (Founder), witnessed himself constantly throwing old ripped socks into the trash. Little did he know - those socks went through a lot of unnatural processes on their way to becoming "feet ready". Ultimately causing harm to our environment throughout the development and destruction.


A light bulb moment would lead Robert down a path on a new pursuit - to market fair-trade and trendy socks that would not hurt the environment. Despite this eureka moment, it wasn't until a year later that Robert's dream would become the reality it has become, what is now known as The Sustainable Sock Club.


Today, the next generation continues to bring innovation, passion and dedication to our company. Ensuring that every pair of socks delivers on quality and delights in style.


This is the story of #SustainableSocks.

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Robert Hanlon

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