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Starting At The Source:

Sustainable Solution to the Supply Chain

From Start To Finish

The job is more than just creating wonderful socks. We want you to feel inspired and good about what you are wearing and that starts with a long-term commitment to transparency, trust & innovation within our supply chain. We work diligently with our suppliers to ensure the planet & people are the top priority. From the packaging and yarn to the transportation, each link in our supply chain has the planet & people in mind.    

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Our Waste, Our Problem

The fashion industry accounts for nearly 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. We realize the impacts of the industry and are forefronting the transition to more eco-friendly business practices. WIth earth resources being a critical part of our ecosystem, The Sustainable Sock Club takes a 360-degree view and approach to the production of our socks, using recycled polyester & nylon we are finding innovative ways to reuse materials already in circulation.

Transparent Supply Chain

A true transparent supply chain allows visibility and disclosure, not only on the product or retail level, but also at the supplier, material, and the worker level. We strongly believe communicating that information to consumers is vital for them to make an informed buying decision. Supply chain visualization is a matter of humanitarianism. 

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Ethics, A Fundamental Foundation

Free from child labour, health benefits, compensation for overtime worked, minimum wage compliance, and freedom of association for workers. We believe in setting these high ethical and environmental standards because putting people and the planet ahead of profits can help lower all of our carbon footprints.

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