An East-Coast Kid Doing What He Loves

It is more than just socks. It's doing little things in life, incrementally, that make a difference in the long-run. Whether that be a goal you want to achieve, solutions you have to solve, or habits you're trying to break. Small incremental changes have a compounding effect that will later see major improvements.

Growing up in the small, well-loved community of the North-end of Halifax, I take pride in the value of small things in life. My dad a life-long taxi-driver and my mother a cashier, our family grew up appreciating what we had and not the things that we didn't. Too many brothers, not enough beds. It was instilled in us that as long as we were working hard and had a well-rounded community of support, care and kindness, no material item could ever match up. Relationships and how you treat people that make you feel fulfilled. Take pride in the things you do and make a positive impact along the way. No matter what kind of task, if you make a little impression it has lasting impacts. Whether that be driving someone from point A to B or checking someone out at a cash register. Take the time to understand the person, try your best, smile, and enjoy the journey. Take those experiences and put them in your toolkit for future references to build upon.

It was these values that I try to foster not only within my personal development but the idea's I attempt to bring to life. Begin with a purpose and incrementally improve upon them. After beginning my university career in Halifax, I decided to take some leaps to pursue dreams and aspirations in a new city that would provide dynamics and learning experiences that would be invaluable. Throughout my studies at York University, I have had the opportunity to grow my toolkit of information and foster intellectual curiosity in a positive manner that helped to provide sustainable solutions for the community. Working for various clubs and not-for-profit organizations I helped others and myself build confidence, competence and connections that provided social and economic value to the society-at-large. Learn from others, help others, and improve every day.

It wasn't until 2019 after working in the corporate environment, where I would find myself wanting to truly make an impact on people and not just adjust numbers and spreadsheets. Being able to tangibly see and feel the impact that you make on others provided a sense of belonging. This would lead me down the path of developing The Sustainable Sock Club after noticing myself throwing out my socks. After doing some Google searches and finding out that it is very harmful to the environment, I thought - jeez, small things do matter. Even something like socks has an impact. There was this sense of bringing things back to the basics and incrementally improving upon them to solve major problems that I found a connection with. It was this relationship to my own life and little adjustments that I made which ultimately built me into the man I am today. My personal value system and principle-based approach are what I am translating into The Sustainable Sock Club. Don't just changing the world, one step at a time. Changing your life, one step at a time :)



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