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The Sustainable Future Fund

It is more than just socks

Intergenerational prosperity start's with action, today

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The data is clear. The fashion industry accounts for nearly 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

We're taking direct action and donating 10% of all revenues to help restore, protect, and improve environmental and economic conditions within Canada 

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5.2% of the waste in our landfills are textiles

Direct Giving

Companies have social accountability to operate in ways that enhance or positively contribute to the environment and society.
The Sustainable Sock Club will provide micro-grants up to $1,000 to individuals and organizations doing projects that restore, protect, or improve the environmental and economic conditions within Canada

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Investing in a greener planet

The environmental crisis is not an easy fix. But, the first step in creating a better world is to begin by transitioning capital into individuals, companies, businesses, and economic models that are taking responsibility for the environment. Every dollar counts and these collective actions add up to help change the world, one step at a time. Money matters and how we can truly make a long-lasting change is by moving capital into movements that support protecting environmental biodiversity.

Global Awareness

With every sock, The Sustainable Sock Club turns small contributions into local action and global impact. It's not about just creating socks. It's about fostering an environment and community that explores new and creative ways to tackle the world's largest problem, climate change. We motivate, courage and assist others in being better for the community, for a better tomorrow. 

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Transparency is key. We want to educate, share, and raise awareness about the companies making an impact. We've listed the number of homegrown green Canadian companies we're investing in.
We aiming to work at the pivotal intersection of fashion, finance, and the environment. 

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